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Planned Downtime - Server Maintenance

Bradez1571 aAdminSupportCM posted Apr 9, 14
Hello everyone,

We're planning downtime for all Minecade servers whilst we do some behind the scenes maintenance.

This will result in all of the Minecade servers being down for an estimated time of 30 minutes.


The Village Treasure Update!

boophis SupportMaster-GMVIP posted Mar 7, 14
Hey defenders! We're pleased to announce another Villager defense update featuring useful new content to help you defeat those pesky monsters.

Lobby Features
We now have a kit shop in the main lobby. Right click the diamond in your inventory to open the kit shop while in the lobby. Shop is divided so you can easily find the included kits and those that are VIP only exclusives. 

Pets have also been updated. Passive pets (horses, pigs, etc.) can now follow you wherever you go! If they get stuck, or far away from you, they will teleport to you, (Applies to all pets). The Enderman pet sounds should have been improved to be less intrusive. The pet shop is found by clicking the bone in your inventory. Try them out!

Healing Centers and Increased Healing Time
Have you ever fought a huge wave of monsters and just want to heal but have no time to do it? Then the new Healing Centers are just for you! Ender crystals will randomly spawn once you complete a wave (starting at wave 3) and when you stand near them, you will gain regeneration II for 10 seconds. Healing Centers disappear once the wave begins and you now have about 15 seconds in between to give you additional time to heal.

Auto Equipping Armor
Now when you buy armor from the shop, it will automatically equip onto your character getting you prepared for battle instantly. 

Heart Containers
Heart containers are a new item in the shop. They are rose red dye and cost 500 gems. When you click on the heart container, you obtain an extra heart. 

The scoreboard has been cleaned up for a sleeker look and improved format.

Better Balanced Mobs
Health for baby zombies has been reduced. Also, due to buffs in mob damage for 1.7 Minecraft, monsters have been super powerful but now, the amount of damage they do should be less.

Be sure to give a big thanks to the devs who made this all possible! Credit to Mallow445 and Yank33s0028 for contributing to this post. Enjoy this brand new update fellow defenders!
icecoolpondy VIP Great new update, It has certainly made the game better!
Domyx2707 Love the update, but I lost so many coins I had 180+ and now I have 51 it's not really fair because I played so much to ...
ZekromPhil VIP First, and I am glad there is a new update, very fun to play in now ...
The News

Lately you guys have probably been able to tell there has been a lack of updates and some bugs on the servers. This was due to the lack of development power we had on VillagerDefense, we have finally added a team that will look over VillagerDefense and we also plan to release a lot of new content very soon!

The Fixes

For now, we have fixed most of the bugs and latency that has been storming the servers. From now on you will be able to play peacefully as we will finally soon be able to officially exit the BETA stage we were stuck in for all this time. We really appreciate all the users who sticked around which is why we decided to make a SALE!

The Sale!

During the month of February, all the shop will be discounted at 25% off! Simply shop as you would normally and the discount will be applied to your cart automatically! So what are you waiting for ? SHOP NOW!

We hope you guys enjoy the new era of VillagerDefense and again, we apologize for the stability issues during these past couple of months.
undead999 VIP Hello i buyed vip but didnt got me rank can someone help me to? :x
dark_hero_X5K VIP is there any admin on i didn't get my vip but i bought it
dark_hero_X5K VIP i bought vip and i don't have vip on the server
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